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Curry Collision Center Goes Green with Water Based Paints

Paint can be highly toxic and dangerous to our environment; automobile paint is no different. With over 1 billion cars in the world, 6 million reported automobile accidents each year in the United States, and car oxidation on the rise, there is some serious automobile painting going on. Thankfully, there are some collision repair shops taking a lead role in environmental responsibility by switching from harmful solvents to waterborne coatings.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), contributors to the formation of ground-level ozone, are emitted into the air with paints that use solvents as a curing mechanism; additionally, the manufacture and application of automobile paint accounts for nearly 1/3 of all VOC emissions. According to DuPont environmental data, fourteen million pounds of air emissions have been eliminated annually by auto collision repair shops in more than 30 countries, because they have begun using water-based paints.

Collision Repair Shops have taken the plunge to transition to waterborne paints for reasons beyond their environmental conscience; the technology, throughout the years, has proven to improve the finish of your automobile. Waterborne car paint is now offered as a premium quality solution for collision centers including globally accepted OEM approvals. Waterborne auto paints also:

  • Are easy to apply and to blend
  • Provide amazing color matches
  • Are believed to possess a superior shelf life
  • Are healthier for employees to apply
  • Do not require the first coat to dry before painting over it
  • Allow less clear-coat to be required
  • Produce a cleaner and brighter finish
  • Can achieve full coverage in as little as one and a half coats

In addition to being stewards of our environment, The Curry Collision Center offers collision repair for all makes and models. Their state of the art facilities are designed for increased efficiency, and 100 year running commitment to superior customer service is second to none. The Collision Center is designed to be the most environmentally advanced auto body repair center in Bloomington and southern Indiana. Among the green concepts incorporated into the body repair services are the use of Axalta Spies Hecker waterborne basecoat paints, and vacuum sanders to reduce particle emissions.


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